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Potron Technology Co., Ltd.,

Potron Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2017, located in Shenzhen, China. Potron is a professional R&D and manufacturing company for high speed Optical Transceivers and Components. The products are widely used in the next generation AI optical communication networks, mainly on the following 3 application fields: (1)10G PON for FTTH; (2)25G CPRI for 5G wireless; (3)100G/200G/400G for Data center.
Total production area is about 11000m2, including class 10K and 100K clean room, with production capacity over 6.5 million units per month.

  • 11000
  • 6.5million pieces per month
  • Strong technology background

    Potron's experienced R&D team devoted over 20 years in designing and developing high-speed optical transceivers and components, among which the highest data rate is up to 400Gb/s and longest reach, 120km. Thus all the products design are deduced from high speed ones with outstandingly performance.
    With strong technical background and quick responding to fulfill customers' need, Potron is recognized by customers and invited to co-develop some advanced products.
    In addition to excellent technology, the core team also has very rich operation experience, having been working together for over a decade, and execution ability quickly responding to customer needs.

  • Fully automatic mass-production

    The competition of high-speed optical modules in future is actually the competition of mass production capability of high-end optical components. In addition to the product design capabilities, Potron also has a solid automation team to develop all the required automotive equipment and processes in house, including both software and Hardware.
    The whole workshop is controlled by the central computer, and the manufacturing parameters are all downloaded by it. And all the manufactured data is uploaded to the database in return. This could not only ensure products quality, consistency and traceability, but also save a lot of labor and management costs.
    Potron also self-developed the MES system, which fully controlled the entire production process informatively, and realized a paperless environmental protection workshop.

  • Powerful vertical-integration supply chain

    With years of accumulation and deep cultivation in the industry, Potron has very powerful supply chain vertical integration capabilities, especially in the integration of optical chips and ICs, and has become strategic partners of many important domestic and foreign suppliers. Not only share the newest technologies with each other, but also benefited from lower acquisition cost of these key parts. This feature greatly help meet market demands quickly, and maintain a very good cost advantage even in the stringent market price wars.
    In the future, Potron will also make a longer-term layout for laser chips, in order to provide customers with satisfactory cost-effective solutions, and help customers to obtain more benefits in this fast growing optical communication market.

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